Kae Henning
aerial straps, cerceau, aerial duo, and trapeze

Height: 63 inches
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: short, light auburn

Website: kaedevyn.com

Performance Experience

Cirque Mechanics: 42ft, A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels, present
Duo trapeze, Russian swing, group acrobatics, revolving ladder

Cirque Mechanics: corporate events, present
Lyra, straps, duo straps, duo trapeze

Aida Cruises, June 2017-January 2018
Performing on the AidaPrima. group choreography, adagio, cerceau, pole, straps solo

Motomaniacs: Salto Entertainment (The Flying Espanas), Spring 2016
     Solo performer aerial straps and trapeze, sky-cycle and cyclone-cycle aerialist

Aloft Aerial Dance: El Circo Cheapo and Sanctuary, August 2014-present
    Solo performer trapeze, cerceaux, straps, flyer on triple trapeze                  

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival: Feedback Showcase, June 2015
    Solo static trapeze performance            

Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, July 2015
    Solo lyra performance                

Acrobatica Infiniti Circus: Conventions, Galas, April 2015-present
     Solo plyra (lyra on pole), solo static trapeze, solo lyra, duo  acrobatics/hand-to-hand, group acrobatics

Glitter Guild: Cabaret performed at a convention, July 2015
    Sole plyra

Circus in Progress: The Actor's Gymnasium, October 2014
    Duo acrobatics

Carnival or Curiosity and Chaos, 2013-2014
    Solo Static trapeze and aerial silks atmospheric work 

Various locations, 2011-2013
    Community performances and student shows, static trapeze    


~Intensive personal training                                                                       present                      
Focusing on straps, single point trapeze, duo aerial

~Private coaching with Dana Dugan (Aloft Loft)                                      2013-2015
    Focusing on static trapeze and lyra

~Private coaching with Rachel Walker (École Léotard)                  Autumn 2014, Feb. 2017
    Static trapeze, single point trapeze

~Intensive personal training at Aloft Loft                                                   2013-2015
     Focussing on static trapeze, lyra, ground acrobatics, and straps

~IK Gymnastics                                                                                               2013-2015
    Tumbling and trampoline

~Various competitive gymnastics gyms in Ohio                                         1990-2005
    Gymnastics through level 9